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Starring the New Logo

You may have noticed that part of celebrating our fifteenth birthday this year included a logo refresh. While we had been toying with the idea of refreshing it over the last few years, the old design was solid and it was hard to put something in place to represent our brand on all of our equipment. Last winter, however we got serious about it and the design above came forth. This attempts to explain how the transition came forth.

This is our old logo in all its glory. The dark teal, the gradients in the swoop and the word "Newstar" make it rather busy.

Goodbye tan gradient on the word "NewStar" and teal has now been simplified to black.

Further simplification; the oval has lost its extra white ring and the last orange to black gradient in the swoop has disappeared. Also, we bid a fond farewell to the "& Equipment Ltd.", nice having you, but you did take up some valuable real estate.

Ok a quick inversion of black and white on the "RENTALS", and the last of the tan has become blue!

and now the fonts start to change....

Oops, we oversimplified! Now what? The old swoop was nice but the advisory panel recommended its removal.

Inspiration at last! Thanks to Cam at Raynbow Signs, the shooting star finishes out the logo with an extra splash of colour and speaks of the former logo.

Recap. Here it is from start to finish.

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