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We offer many different styles of aerial boom lifts for rental. The main three categories of different types are the articulating (or "z" ) booms, the stick booms, and the towable booms. Ranging from 30 feet to 135 feet, our lineup offers a unit for almost every kind of project in the booming construction industry.

Our compaction equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from small 14 inch gas plate compactors to our 66 inch padfoot drum compactors. There's sure to be something here to help you roll ahead and get your compaction job completed.

From a little suitcase invertor type generator to a towable 15K genset, there are many option to generate some electricity here. We also carry several different welding and lighting solutions.

Telehandlers are a great help on a construction site. We carry units from the compact 5000 lb to the 56' 10,000 lb. If you feel you could handle more efficiency on your jobsite, tell us and we'll rent you one of these awesome machines.

Our scissor lift lineup offers heights of 19 feet to 32 feet in the electric scissor type, and 26 feet to 50 feet in the gas rough terrain scissor type. Popular with many contractors, scissor lifts will cut it for a variety of different building or maintenance applications.

The concrete equipment in our fleet is a very diverse set of tools. From trowels to buggies to saws there are many tools here to help you out.

Snow. Wind. Cold. That's when you look into a heating solution. We carry 110V and 220V electric heaters in addition to 110,000, 118,000, and 400,000 BTU diesel heaters.

Here at New Star we're looking forward to guiding your vehicle back to one of our trailers. Deckovers, equipment haulers, cargo trailers, and even a car dolly are available for you to reserve. Many of the dual axle trailers are equipped with 7000lb axles, but some have the lighter 5200lb axles instead. Contact us for more details.

Backup air power for your shop? Time to blow down some equipment? We currently carry towable compressors in the 185CFM & the 375CFM range as well as the smaller 13CFM wheelbarrow style compressors.  

In the earth moving section we have our line of mini excavators, which includes, 1.7 ton, 3.5 ton, 5 ton, and 8 ton machines. Also included in this part of the business are the skidsteers, which have anywhere from 25 to 114hp on tracks, or 68hp on wheels. Definitely there are a lot of attractive options to move some dirt.

Getting water from Point A to Point B is not always enjoyable, but we're here to help out. We offer hot & cold pressure washers and a variety of pumps in gas and electric. Check it out; we'd be pumped to assist you!

Time and space hardly enable us to elaborate on all the other exciting pieces of equipment that round out our fleet. To name a few, air compressors, light towers, wood chippers, generators, power trowels, screeds, SDS Max drills, concrete bits, cut off saws, and more.... Give us a call if you're after something you don't see here on our website and if we don't have it, we'll try to direct you on to someone who will!

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