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Earth Moving

In the earth moving section we have our line of mini excavators, which includes, 1.7 ton, 3.5 ton, 5 ton, and 8 ton machines. Also included in this part of the business are the skidsteers, which have anywhere from 25 to 114hp on tracks, or 68hp on wheels. Definitely there are a lot of attractive options to move some dirt.


For the customers who want to track down a machine to move dirt, and need serious grip and flotation we have a solution. For the customer who is tired of having his lawn torn up by track skidsteers we also have an answer. Check out the spec sheets below or give us a ring if one of these units is what you're needing.

Mini Excavators

Many, many people seem to love these mini excavators. The favourite unit seems to be the Yanmar 3.5 ton but we've got other options here as well, ranging from 1.7 ton to 10 ton.

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