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Drum Compactor

Roll ahead with confidence onto your next jobsite with one of our drum compactors. The smooth drums vary in width from 35" - 66" while the padfoot rollers are 66" and 84" wide.

Wacker Neuson RD12A-90

Smooth Drum Compactor - 35"

2964lb operating weight

Bomag BW145D-40

Smooth Drum Compactor - 56"

10,736lb operating weight

Bomag BW177PDH-5

Padfoot Drum Compactor - 66"

14,903lb operating weight

Wacker Neuson RC50

Smooth Drum Compactor - 56"

10,615lb operating weight

Bomag BW177D-5

Smooth Drum Compactor - 66"

14,132lb operating weight

Bomag BW213PDH-5

Padfoot Drum Compactor - 84"

28,043lb operating weight

Bomag BW145D-5

Smooth Drum Compactor - 56"

10,053lb operating weight

Hamm H7i

Smooth Drum Compactor - 66"

14,421lb operating weight

Wacker Neuson RTKx-SC3

Trench Compactor

3235lb operating weight

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