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Our compaction equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from small 14 inch gas plate compactors to our 66 inch padfoot drum compactors. There's sure to be something here to help you roll ahead and get your compaction job completed.

Light Plate Compactor

If you have a small compaction job on your plate or a trench to backfill, a machine from this category might be just what you need.

Heavy Plate Compactor

Commonly known as "diesel plates" all the machines in the heavy plate compactor category weigh upwards of 800 lbs. Ranging from 24" - 28" wide, these are popular for many different compaction projects.

Drum Compactor

Roll ahead with confidence onto your next jobsite with one of our drum compactors. The smooth drums vary in width from 35" - 66" while the padfoot rollers are 66" and 84" wide.

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