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Concrete Placing & Finishing

The equipment offered in this type is noticeably quite diverse, ranging from power screeds to concrete buggies. In addition to what is listed, we do carry some hand tools as well. Contact us for more details.

Bartell Morrison Uniscreed 8' or 10'

Concrete Screed

specify 8' or 10' if needed

Bartell Morrison BC436

Concrete Trowel - 36"

comes w/ floats

can supply pan if required

Cormidi C85

Concrete Buggy - 18.6ft³


Northrock 1.5

Concrete Vibrator - 115V

10' whip

3/4" head

Bartell Morrison B424

Concrete Edger Trowel - 24"

comes w/ pan

Bartell Morrison B446

Concrete Trowel - 46"

comes w/ floats

Belle Minimix 150

Portable Concrete Mixer - Gas Powered

130L capacity

Husqvarna BG 245

Concrete Edger Trowel - 24"

comes w/pan

Bartell Morrison DB17

Concrete Buggy - 17ft³


Ram International PCM5H2

Portable Concrete Mixer - 115V

140L capacity

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