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Our fleet of cargo trailers is a continually evolving lineup. We are asked many times if we sell them, and the answer is that we only sell used ones out of our fleet. The ones below are subject to change without notice.

PJ 10' Cargo Trailer

Cargo - 10'

2" Ball

5' width

1 x 3500lb Axle

PJ 20' Cargo Trailer

Cargo - 20'

2-5/16" Ball

8.5' width

2 x 5200lb Axles

PJ 12' Cargo Trailer

Cargo - 12"

2" Ball

6' width

1 x 3500lb Axle

PJ 16' Cargo Trailer

Cargo - 16'

2-5/16" Ball

7' width

2 x 5200lb Axles

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