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Hi, Hyrax!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hyrax ATD 27.12

Most of the time when we welcome a new machine here at New Star, they arrive and get to work with little fanfare. Once in awhile, however, an extra special unit shows up that we can't help but give some extra special attention to. Enter the Hyrax ATD 27.12!

The first very attractive obvious feature that sets this boom lift apart from any other lift in the fleet is its drivetrain. The tiresome problems that come with wheeled units are eliminated. Additionally, the undercarriage is built to spread apart, using pivot points on the turntable chassis to move the tracks almost 18" further apart. Angling these pivot points slightly creates 6.69" of vertical movement as well. Vertical movement does two things for the machine, (A) more ground clearance when extended, and (B)more stability for transport when retracted.

The second pivotal innovation that we admire on the Hyrax is its automatic bi-levelling. This feature puts a whole new slant on working on inclines. When parked on a hill using the turntable rotate, the machine will actually keep the upper half of the boom level up to 15 degrees of slope. Unlike some of its competition, the Hyrax turntable slew ring design allows 360 degrees of continuous rotation. It's yet another good turn that the Netherlands based company did us.

Self levelling while elevated

The third high point we would like to call attention to is the working specifications. With a platform height of 34.8 feet and a working height of 41.3 feet, it's not a record breaker for vertical by any means, but what seems like a bit of a stretch is the 28.7 feet out you can go! In comparison, the Mec 34J does the same height, but only goes out 26 feet. But wait! That's not all. The Mec 34J weighs approximately 8000lbs, while the Hyrax ATD 27.12 tips the scales at 6100lb. That combination of height/weight is not to be taken lightly, especially when you

consider that the Hyrax can be stowed to a length of just under 15 feet. If we try to compare with Haulotte 3632T towable lift with its working height of 36 feet, weight of 4440lb, and stowed length of 21 feet, we could think we are in the same ballpark, but then alas! we realize that the Haulotte is not self-driving so it still is not apples to apples.

There are more ways that the Hyrax goes around and over and above the competition. The 180 degree platform rotation. The 180 degree jib range of motion. The 595 lb platform capacity. The LED work lights on the platform and base. The ability to weigh in every day when you hop in the basket. Ok, that's maybe not a perk, but nevertheless part of the load sense system that is integrated into the controls. Additionally, it is equipped with two load carriers that fold down and are capable of carrying 150lbs of material outside the platform.

Easy to use controls

In conclusion, this machine is an exciting addition to our rental fleet and we are happy to introduce it to you! If you would like to read more on it, click on one of the buttons below or watch the video for more info. Give us a ring at 519-595-7030 if you want us to reserve it for you.


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