Indoor Scissors


Rough Terrain Scissors

Our scissor lift lineup offers heights of 19 feet to 32 feet in the electric scissor type, and 26 feet to 50 feet in the gas rough terrain scissor type. Popular with many contractors, scissor lifts will cut it for a variety of different building or maintenance applications.

 All Terrain Scissors

Although the majority of the all terrain fleet of scissors is powered by dual fuel engines, they are far above dual purpose. The most popular scissors in our fleet are the entry level 26 and 27 footers, but we offer units up to 50 feet high.

Skyjack SJ6826RT

Rough Terrain 26' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ7127RT

Rough Terrain 27' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ6832RT

Rough Terrain 32' Scissor Lift

Genie GS3268RT

Rough Terrain 32' Scissor Lift

Genie GS3384RT

Rough Terrain 33' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ7135RT

Rough Terrain 35' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ8841RT

Rough Terrain 41' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ9250RT

Rough Terrain 50' Scissor Lift

Indoor Scissors

An electricfying assortment of indoor scissors awaits you! All eco-friendly battery powered, these lifts range from 19' to 32' with different sizes of decks available on different heights of machines.

Skyjack SJIII3219

Indoor 19' Scissor Lift

Genie GS1930

Indoor 19' Scissor Lift

JLG 1930ES

Indoor 19' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJIII3220

Indoor 20' Scissor Lift

Genie GS2032

Indoor 20' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJIII3226

Indoor 26' Scissor (Narrow) Scissor Lift

Genie GS2632

Indoor 26' Scissor (Narrow) Scissor Lift

JLG 2630ES

Indoor 26' (Narrow) Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJIII4626

Indoor 26' Scissor Lift

Genie GS2646

Indoor 26' Scissor

JLG 2646ES

Indoor 26' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJIII4632

Indoor 32' Scissor Lift

JLG 3246ES

Indoor 32' Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJIII6832

Indoor 32' Scissor Lift

JLG 4069LE

Indoor 40' Scissor Lift

Superlift SLC24

Material Lift 24'


Personnel Lift 15'


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