Articulating Booms


Stick Booms

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Towable Booms

We offer many different styles of aerial boom lifts for rental. The main three categories of different types are the articulating (or "z" ) booms, the stick booms, and the towable booms. Ranging from 30 feet to 135 feet, our lineup offers a unit for almost every kind of project in the booming construction industry.

Articulated Booms

Articulated booms are the "up and over" type of aerial boom lifts. Another common way of referring to them is a "Z" boom. This category of machine is the only category in which we offer more than 100' of range in. The smallest, a 30' electric, is perfect for indoor factory jobs, while the 135' boom is popular for grain elevators and feed mill jobs.


Articulated 30' Boom Lift

Genie Z34/22J

Articulated 34' Boom Lift

Genie Z45/25J

Articulated 45' Boom Lift

Genie Z60/34

Articulated 60' Boom Lift

JLG 600A(600AJ)

Articulated 60' Boom Lift

Genie Z80/60

Articulated 80' Boom Lift

Genie Z135/70

Articulated 135' Boom Lift


Telescopic Stick Booms

Telescopic stick booms are phenomenal for a variety of projects. To tell you straight, the 40/45's are the most popular size in our business. From there up to the 125' they are ready to reach to the sky for you.

Mec 34J

Stick 34' Lift

Genie S40

Stick 40' Lift

JLG 400S

Stick 40' Lift

Genie S45

Stick 45' Lift

Genie S60

Stick 60' Lift

JLG 600S

Stick 60' Lift


Stick 65' Lift

Genie S65

Stick 65' Lift

Genie S85

Stick 85' Lift


Stick 85' Lift

Genie S125

Stick 125' Lift



Towable Booms

These booms are towably awesome! Float charges are nil, fuel charges are nil, and you can bring it back with your pickup when your project is complete. The 36' is a straight boom style and the other two are the articulated type.


Biljax 3632T

Towable 36' Boom Lift


Towable 50' Boom Lift

Biljax 5533A

Towable 55' Boom Lift

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